Welcome to my site, it is a privilege for to welcome you all. If you are here is because you like tech, probably as much as I do. In that case HIGH FIVE please stick around and lets others now that we are not alone.
Tech family is stronger than ever and we are here to stay!

What I Do

I learn, I learn and learn...it does have a great effects, can't really stop looking for something new to know about. Knowledge needs to be augmented and that's what I try to do everyday of my life one tech at the time. Content creators has a very unique way to communicate, presents and promote their passion and I will not be an exeption neither I want you to be. I believe in believing what’s inspiring and productive.
Let us TECH in PEACE


Who I Am

A husband, a father and a creator in progress is the most interesting part of who I’m. Honestly that would be more than enough to describe myself. Been able to cope with it is just attractively to show the whole entire world what I do. The passion for tech grew in me ever since I was a kid. But never took courage to share with others, but now is the time.


Gear Zone

Here is a few photos of the devices that I use the most, soon I would be updating the page in order to share more content in a much better way. Also I will be sharing content on offering aspects, stay connected.

Say Hello.

Drop zome tech love, a few line of inspiration, ideas and encouragement. Communication is always welcome!